Les créateurs de lunettes


par Ana Sedes le 29 November 2011, dans Oko Eyewear

Created right at the start of the 21st century by two passionate opticians taken by the idea of producing the best possible optical equipment. For all.

12 years later, OKO EYEWEAR PARIS has become a strong company recognized in the optical industry. Even stronger, it is recognized and highly appreciated by its clients and prescriptors, the opticians themselves : « I particularly appreciate the win/win relationship that has settled between us. (…) I am usually quite tough with my vendors and I have been satisfied right from the start with the kind of partnership we both developed, very professional, free and based on trust. As time goes by, I have felt a true affection for this company’s brands. I do not hesitate to organize OKO events from my own initiative. » has declared Franck Schilovitz from the optical shop Alain Afflelou in Paris.


At OKO EYEWEAR, our values play an essential role. They convey a clear message that defines the existence of the brands that make it happen and make it live, and that defines its DNA. It’s the combination of all these values that creates unity between the eyewear consumers of the brands OKO by OKO Paris or KIDOKO for children. But what are those values ?

DNA… The art of launching amazing frames year after year, trade show after trade show, but always respecting the identity and the signature of a company with strong values of differentiation, innovation, comfort and quality. This is the motto of OKO EYEWEAR. A clear DNA, identified and faithful to its values. No compromise.

Durability… Since 1999, to propose durable frames is a constant quality at OKO EYEWEAR PARIS.

Reliability… To make a promise and to keep it… Our products and by then, our brands, have proved their reliability from the first day.

Pride « We ask everybody and all the citizens of the world to wear lively colored frames, happier, and more respectful of our pleasure and happiness. Eyewear that breathe the joy of living and the joy of sharing happy moments together, each day. Our looks must be our pride. Today’s world needs eyewear designers who will give us back smiles and happiness. « Okologists » we are and we remain. »

Fun To have fun and to communicate its joy of living is key in this company. At OKO EYEWEAR, to keep its sense of humor is seriously taken… To convey it to consumers, to prescriptors and to employees is a rule belonging to the past, to the present and to the future ! « Myopes, astigmatics and farsighted people, eyewear wearers of all ages, of all countries, female or male, it is on your faces that we build everyday our identity, our culture. (…) Let’s not be snatched by the gloom. We, « Okologists », say yes to design, yes to creation, yes to trends, yes to colors, yes to lightness, yes to innovation, yes to smiles. »

The team… The DNA of OKO EYEWEAR is a mix of its history (the meeting of 2 optician friends passionated by innovation, by beautiful materials and by beautiful frames wearable by all) and the emotions brought by its team. So much passion and human values that create the engine of the company.

Passion of Philippe ZEITOUN and David BEDDOK, the co-founders and associate directors of the company. Both opticians and long-time friends, they decided to give birth to their first collection and brand OK0 by OKO Paris in 1999. Their wish ? To create an eyewear collection with a designer touch, with affordable prices and high in colors and fun. For originality followers.

Will follow the KIDOKO brand, created in 2008, dedicated to children who want to differentiate themselves !

Continuity… Philippe & David succeed, year after year, collection after collection, in expressing with even more passion, surprise and pleasure their love for frames (they fell in love with them a long time ago !). They won their bet to always be more creative, more innovative, more faithful to the values of the company. Let’s not be afraid of being frank, this miracle stands from the talent of our « in-house designer » David BEDDOK who knows collection after collection how to bring to followers of originality emotions and satisfactions.

Technology From its creation, OKO EYEWEAR PARIS has decided to entirely work with innovative materials to create and propose highly-comfortable frames, with unique and recognizable design. Eyewear with strong added-value. Just to propose the best possible optical equipment on the market. The use of surgery stainless steel, bronze and acetate doesn’t have any secret for them.

The successes of the first collections OKO by OKO Paris have encouraged the company to diversify its know-how in research and development on another brand and another family of products (children’s frames from the KIDOKO brand). The innovation of design and materials remaining today one the key and dominating values of OKO EYEWEAR PARIS.

Tradition… Like most of the companies interested in innovation and differentiation, OKO EYEWEAR still keeps its authenticity, its anecdotes and its traditions that make it a company with a soul looking towards the future without denigrating its past.

OKO EYEWEAR is a company high in freedom, with a touch of madness in its optical approach, its products, its designs and its color combinations. That same shiver that we find at each new release.

That is the same path which bring the two founders of the company Philippe ZEITOUN and

David BEDDOK to an endless search towards eyewear always more createur, always more innovative, always more original and always more OKO.


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