Les créateurs de lunettes

Oko by Oko

The story began after a crazy bet. At the beginning, these three friends, opticians, create OKO, which means eye in Slavonic language, as an eyewear distribution company for high quality Japanese collections. Then, as a challenge, they decide to and market their own collection « », entirely imagined, conceived and designed by « them », for a better reflect of current trends, while offering a good work and different colors.
Thus was born in 1999.


was conceived to be an innovating product without being too much, « just enough originality to not scare consumers », together with a stock located in Paris, which makes possible to satisfy customers by a fast delivery and products always available.
Moreover, a stable sales force for several years which helped to built customers loyalty to the brand. This image of original creations but «consumables » that characterizes the brand, accompanied by a corporate philosophy of genuine partnership is very popular in the market.


Under the motto of , elitism has no place in aesthetics, especially for eyewear, considered today as an independent accessory. Passionate by fashion and eyewear, they imagine frames that above all, resemble to them. Their shifted and colored universe creates sensation very quickly on a creator segment, that they want accessible to everybody. Typified frames or more discrete models, aim and touches all publics, without exception. Young or less young people, it does not matter, which count is to share the same merry philosophy of life. A product labored and colored with taste that stands out from all the rest. Here, nor fashion, nor avant-garde, nor conservative, just INNOVATION accessible to everybody! signed by .


Consumers who recognizes themselves in the different and differentiating character of the product as well as the convivial and human dimension of the company.


The human dimension of the company induces to a selective distribution which naturally preserves sales of the competition of geographically close opticians. is distributed in France by their field sales force and all around by the best local distribution companies.