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TROPIC - Heading for sea beds with OKO by OKO Paris

par Ana Sedes le 30 October 2013, dans Oko Eyewear


Just a glance at the ‘Tropic’ frame and you are immediately transported in the aquatic universe of tropical fishes !

photo-1-enBy nature and water inspirations, this frame conveys values of environmental beauties hidden in the depth of oceans and seas.

Truly romantic and all in softness, the graphics of the side-pieces, directly inspired by fish fins brings fluidity, lightness and water movement thanks to a subtle design combination of openwork, space and matter which gives the water spirit to it.

This circled frame manufactured in France plays the card of the chemically cut, openwork, curved and hemmed steel to bring more fluidity, more lightness and more movement to the side-pieces provoking metallic lace effects.

Recapturing the codes of the fish fins, the contrast of fragility is enhanced by cutting, curving and hemming all in fineness – and by the force and the presence of the metallic structure standing. ‘Tropic’ is definitely a frame all in contrast and all in poetry.

photo-2-faceBringing the water universe and the hidden beauties of oceans and seas, all in one frame, make this ‘Tropic’ a 100% designer frame.

Truly original with exclusive design.

In order to emphasize the structure and the volume of the frame, the designer has played with openwork spaces and empty matter spaces to give as much depth as possible – as well as duotone color choices inside/out which bring even more life and reality to the fish fin look of the ‘Tropic’.

‘Tropic’ (DYS 7) is a frame proposed in 6 colors.

photo-3-enAnd then, we realize the evidence: all is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the brand was giving life to its ideas and to its creations by pushing away the limits of the possible and by turning upside down received ideas.

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KIDFOOT2 - Kid’s Eyewear of the Year 2014 at IOFT Tokyo

par Ana Sedes le 21 October 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

The brand new ‘KidSport’ collection is dedicated to pre-teens boys and girls from 10/12 years old who love sport, who practice it or who just share its values ! In this sport thematic which represents their first interest and hobby well before school (!), we got football, rugby, basket-ball and tennis, it rolls, it rules !

Right from this new collection - from soccer universe - KidFoot2 wins the Eyewear of the Year 2014 on Children’s at IOFT Tokyo show beginning of October.


Metal, circled, original, singular, with finished details, it is not the smaller version of an adult best-seller.

It is fully dedicated and made for teens !

The soccer ball, soberly sticked to the side-piece in a 3D version, contrasts with the volume of the frame and enhances the sewings of the ball.

Volume, matter and relief of the ball are also reproduced thanks to the duotone color codes of the frame.  Color choices available are established according to the main French national and international football/soccer clubs to satisfy all the fans !

‘KIDFOOT2′ is a frame proposed in 4 colors.

photo-2-anFinally, this ‘Kidfoot2′ frame assumes its ‘foot/soccer’ look up to the tangs which are designed such as football shoes studs…

100% thought and made for football !

This frame is above all a good alternative to differentiate from others in a market sometimes too homogeneous, and to convey values which are important to them such as a passion for sport.

Thought, created and manufactured for a young crowd, the ‘KidFoot2′ integrates raised lenses technically adapted to their morphology.


*It rolls, it rules !

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SILMO 2013 - The Turtle “Collage”

par Ana Sedes le 05 October 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

Another succesful collection launch!

Silmo 2013 will always remain in our memories as an excellent one!

BRAVO to the Turtle team THANK YOU to all our customers, more and more each time, thank you for your trust and loyalty; to the Silmo organization, to Lucie Azard, the rocking Turtle and her team, Thanks Lucie for that wonderful concert in our booth, YOU ROCK!, and thank you to all the Turtle friends, always there for us, inconditionally.

All our efforts are for YOU, our sucess is thanks to all of YOU !!!!

The atmosphere experienced @ OKO Eyewear Village booth was pure Turtle magic …

With all our gratitude and infinite love, and right before taking our plane to Japan, where we will participate to IOFT Tokyo, here you have a “collage” of the best moments of Paris show.

Full photo report on our Facebook fans page:



MERCI - GRACIAS - THANK YOU - OBRIGADO - ευχαριστώ - ありがとう

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