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Emmanuelle backstage video MODE in MO with OKO Eyewear

par Ana Sedes le 20 December 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

Emmanuelle … naughty, loose  &  suggestive …

Naughty and mischievous wink for this sexy and suggestive frame directly inspired from the wicker armchair of French movie ‘Emmanuelle’.

‘Emmanuelle’ is an ultra-light optical frame, extremely fluid and airy which enhances and lights up the beauty of the look and expression of the one who wears it. It is a frame for seductresses, for those who dare.

Backstage video MODE in MO avec OKO Eyewear


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MODE in MO with OKO Eyewear

par Ana Sedes le 16 December 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

Morning night

Elle et lui, lève-tôt et couche-tard, débarquant d’un lointain fuseau horaire,
se calent sur l’heure parisienne et amorcent une intense semaine de
shopping. Atterrissage en douceur au Félicien situé à une envolée de la
Tour Eiffel et du Trocadéro, un boutique-hôtel dont le décor contemporain
d’esprit couture a été réalisé par Olivier Lapidus : le cadre idéal plein de
surprises esthétiques pour les passionnés de mode !
Elle et lui, arpenteurs de l’élégance, n’aiment rien de moins que le chic
urbain de marques créateurs à découvrir et acheter on line sur l’exception.
com, des pieds à la tête, en passant par le regard habillé de lunettes fashion
design …

BIZ5 C01 OKO by OKO Paris

BIZ5 C01 OKO by OKO Paris

Click on the cover pic and have a look to the complete photo shooting  with OKO Eyewear brands from page 34 and  back stage videos !!!

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Kidoko in XV mode with new KidRugby model

par Ana Sedes le 12 December 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

It rolls, it rules !

The brand new ‘KidSport’ collection is dedicated to pre-teens boys and girls who love sport, who practice it or who just share its values!

In this sport thematic which represents their first interest and hobby well before school, the KidRugby frame comes into the game, it rolls, it rules!

At the center of the scrum, it will find all its place on the faces of the oval ball fans !

photo-1-en1Made in acetate and metal, circled, original, singular, with finished details, it is not the smaller version of an adult best-seller.

It is fully dedicated and made for teens!

This frame is above all a good alternative to differentiate from others in a market sometimes too homogeneous, and to convey values which are important to them such as a passion for sport.

Thought, created and manufactured for a young crowd, the ‘KidRugby’ integrates raised lenses technically adapted to their morphology.

photo-2-enThe oval ball, soberly sticked to the side-piece in a 3D version, contrasts with the volume of the frame and enhances the sewings of the ball.

Volume, matter and relief of the ball are also reproduced thanks to the duotone color codes of the frame.

photo-33Color choices available are established according to the main rugby clubs to satisfy all the fans !

‘KIDRUGBY’ is available in 4 colors: Red & Black ; Red & White ; Black/Blue & Pink ; Brown/Deep blue & White.

*It rolls, it rules !

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