Les créateurs de lunettes


par Ana Sedes le 25 September 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

For SILMO this year, Philippe Zeitoun, general manager of the parisian eyewear designer  and the OKO EYEWEAR Group team are inviting you to a cocktail party-concert of singer and muse of OKO, LUCIE AZARD.


We will be welcoming you on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 27 from 5PM to 6:30PM on our booth F119, VILLAGE, HALL 5


Come and have a drink with us to celebrate this 2013 SILMO edition and share a good time together.
Hope to see you very soon.
Yours Friendly,
The Turtle Team

PS: Click the link below to have an idea of Friday’s show …


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Dragonfly, poetry in motion by OKO by OKO Paris

par Ana Sedes le 18 September 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

Like a wish or a desire to stop and to lean over what nature has best and nicest to offer, the frame ‘Libellule’ (Dragonfly) conveys poetry, romanticism and softness.

The graphics of the side-pieces, membranous and hemmed, inspired from the wings of a dragonfly, brings fluidity, lightness and air movement thanks to a subtle mix of openwork, space and matter which brings an additional soul and creation to it.


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par Ana Sedes le 16 September 2013, dans Oko Eyewear

photo-11 Emmanuelle … naughty, loose  &  suggestive …

In the ‘QUI SUIS-JE’ collection, the brand OKO by OKO Paris unveils the frame ‘EMMANUELLE’.

Naughty and mischievous wink for this sexy and suggestive frame directly inspired from the wicker armchair of French movie ‘Emmanuelle’.

The chemical cutting of the steel material perfectly reproduces and structures the design of this very mythical seat from the ’70s both on the face and the side-pieces. A huge dose of feminity tinged with elegance and refinement.

To be worn without moderation !

‘Emmanuelle’ is an ultra-light optical frame, extremely fluid and airy which enhances and lights up the beauty of the look and expression of the one who wears it. It is a frame for seductresses, for those who dare.


A designer approach and an innovative look for this frame just taken from the film universe.

The importance of the color code is key and takes all its place in the conception and design of this line of product, it is even essential for what it wishes to convey.

Two-toned and duotone effects on the inside/out with warm and fruity tones for a dimension even more feminine and even more sexy.


It is both very present in the face revealing a lot of personality, and nearly invisible as it is perforated.

It is this play of contrasts empty material and perforated areas that make it a unique frame.

‘EMMANUELLE’ is available
in 4 colors.  (Black/White ; Plum/Bronze ; Old Pink/Camel ; Plum/White).


Finally, this collection called “QUI SUIS-JE” (Who I am) wears since the beginning of its creation the names of those persons we honor; friends, members of the OKO entourage, muses, icons … with ‘EMMANUELLE’, we see although the nod of the designer on the memory of an icon who marked the public of the ’70s and keeps doing it generation after genertaion …

All is consciously and elegantly offbeat, as if the bra    nd was giving life to its ideas and to its creations by pushing away the limits of the possible and by turning upside down received ideas.

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