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Oko’s 10 years anniversary

by Ana Sedes on Oct.08, 2009, under Design, Events, Oko Eyewear, Exhibition

If you attended 2009’s edition, you may have heard champaing’s familiar sound around. More precisely, justby ’s booth.

Nothing special: we just had our 10 years anniversary. 10 years of , , creation, by more talentuous eyewear designers.

If you missed that event, too bad, you can only watch the picture (click on the picture to access our Facebook fan’s page)…

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Welcome to Les Créateurs de Lunettes’s blog!

by Philippe Zeitoun on Sep.07, 2009, under Design, Events, Innovation, Oko Eyewear, Eyewear

Ten years, already.

Ten years of creation, innovation and design in the realm of eyewear, 10 years of and design, by best “créateurs de tendance“.

When and I decided to start Eyewear 10 years ago, we only had one single idea in mind: the global eyewear industry lacked creativity. At that time, there were not so many real french . Miki, Lafont, were only known by a bunch of people who already thought glasses could be something different from just a commodity, a viewing correction system.

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