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News Silmo 2012! - CAC Series - OKO by OKO Paris

by Ana Sedes on Sep.25, 2012, under Oko Eyewear

New optical collection with a new mix of acetate/metal and a new communication campaign for her, for him… with unpublished worn pictures. Here is CAC.

presents its new optical collection CAC which is at the same time mixed men/women and hybrid acetate/metal and which will please adepts of frames with character and style.

Jean Baptiste & Laura

Jean Baptiste & Laura

As a preview of this new collection, here are the two first models CAC 8 (size 56-14) and CAC 9 (size 55 – 16), with two different sizes to fit as many faces as possible from smaller to larger. Each of the models existing in 4 colors.

Pure Design!

Pure !

What are its specificities ?

The CAC collection, before all, is a face composed of three acetate stratums - chosen plates personally and exclusively by OKO House - associated to side-pieces with metal wraparound hinges ending up to acetate ear stems matching the face.

The ‘must’ of this collection stands in the base line of one unique color which goes from the face up to the ear stems. From above, it is a continuous and unique coherent line.

continues to surprise through its creations always more innovative, through its designs always more crazy and through its color combinations always more delirious.

The proof and the result with this new optical collection CAC pure in , high in elegance but still very distinctive.

Feminine or masculine, these frames seduce by their creative and innovative look.

style, yes, but affordable for all !

Retail price : 165€

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“Interview with the new exhibitors at IOFT 2009”

by Ana Sedes on Jan.19, 2010, under Oko Eyewear

2009 welcomed many overseas exhibitors which newly entered Japanese market, EYEWEAR was one of the successfull exhibitors; Chiharu from Show Management. in charge of PR activities interviewed David Beddock, the of EYEWEAR.

Chiharu: “Thank you very much for exhibiting 2009, and sharing the story with us. I heard you had great outcomes at . Congratulations ! Well, I am very curious about your purpose of exhibiting in . Could you briefly explain about it ?”

small_david_oko_silmo-2007-0501David:  “We have always been very interested in Japanese market and Japan in general personally and professionally. I think that there are a lot of things in common between France and Japan. It is like an art of life we share. I admire Japanese sense of quality and aesthetics. The main purposes of exhibiting at were market research and finding a distributor with whom we can share our work and the philosophy with Japanese.”

Chiharu: “How was your overall feeling about 2009 ? How was your experience ?”

David: “I was very impressed by in general, and I would say it is the best trade show I ever saw Show management did great organization, and lovely staffs were always available to help us. They helped us to prepare our participation from the beginning of this adventure, and gave us all their support during the exhibition. We have been honored by the visit of high level opticians, and made very important contacts for us from Japan and other countries in Asia, even Australian contacts ! In terms of the balance from this first participation, it has been very good, and we have really enjoyed the experience.”

Chiharu: “That’s awesome!! I am glad to hear that! We are proud to provide high quality and delicate service to any exhibitors to sucess at .”

David: “Ok…You cannot miss . It is a good place to be and necessary to any eyewear company. I recommend this experience to everybody. See you next year in Tokyo !”

Chiharu: “It is such a strong and supportive comment for us. Thank you very much David !! I hope to see you again at 2010 !”

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Do you know … Chiharu Nishiura?

by Ana Sedes on Nov.23, 2009, under Design, Events, Oko Eyewear, Exhibition

David vous a déjà parlé de Chiharu Nishiura, qui nous a formidablement aidé à organiser notre présence lors du dernier salon IOFT.

Chiharu a bien voulu se prêter à un quizz rapide, et nous faire part de ses impressions sur le secteur de l’optique et la formidable aventure que représente la présence sur le marché asiatique.

Dear Chiharu, please introduce yourself.
I am Ms. Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, Show Management.

(continue reading…)

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