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The three H by Moko Besicles, Men’s Trend 2013

by Ana Sedes on Jan.14, 2013, under Oko Eyewear

Hercule, Hermès, Hector… This is the oversize response that MOKO Besicles proposes for men seeking for high-end designer optical or sunglass frames.

Entirely imagined, conceived and designed for men of the 21st century! Men who are in total harmony with the trends, who have been discovering the pleasure of differentiate themselves. The pleasure of wearing whatever they feel like! Especially after two centuries of denial, they freely assume their desires and envies – for a longtime considered as feminine.

Laurent Paris - Santa Monica CA

Laurent Paris - Santa Monica CA

6 colors rainbow line – available from classical black to more daring colors.

Once again, the brand breaks away from the notion of luxury which is outward looking and upfront, some individuals are seeking the kind of luxury which offers a degree of rarity, an emotional luxury.

The controlled low-key effects are concealed or revealed in half-tones so as not to be overpowering. Simple forms, minimalist lines, sophisticated materials, exclusive styles, all are aimed at intellectualizing the kind of luxury which keeps a low profile.

In-house designer for the MOKO Besicles brand, David BEDDOK is mastering this art of compromise and controlled discretion. No indiscretion.

To focus on sharp, unfussy designs to liberate luxury from its excess, this is the leitmotiv of this designer who claims an extremely pure aesthetics very purist and minimalist.

With the specific touch of David BEDDOK, the MOKO frames adopt an airy transparency emphasized by a metallic line for the frame or color for the ear socks to make them stand out. Or they display the one-piece and monochrome sobriety of a beautiful object adorning the face.

MOKO Besicles has always been supporting the 100% ‘Made in ’ production and more specifically 100% ‘Made in Jura’ – cradle of the eyewear know-how. Cradle of the most prestigious manufacturers. High end. Qualitative. Pure , and technology.

The three “H”… a must-have in the ward-robe of our men!

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PIU Line the OKO Italian Connexion!

by Ana Sedes on Oct.02, 2012, under Oko Eyewear

In barely 36 hours the 2012 SILMO’s edition - the Paris International trade show for optics & frames will open its doors!

The whole ranges of new releases by Paris and MOKO France will be presented to the French and international business crowd visiting the show.

For larger and public audience, take an appointment with your optician!

Yes, it’s true it’s not fair…. But well, a taste and a preview of our new releases… for our web well-connected friends, we claim for color and energy for this new fall-winter season which knocks at the door. Let’s fight against the grey and sad world and let’s enter the PIU mood, the acetate ‘turtle’ line.

Classical or underground, these models are 100% made in Italy with Mazzuchelli plates - the n°1 acetate manufacturer in the world.

Here is a quick glance of the most colorful and daring frames just to light up your looks !

We say Yes to design, Yes to creation, Yes to trends, Yes to colors, Yes to lightness, Yes to innovation and Yes to smiles.

Belles à croquer!

Belles à croquer!

Let’s remember one of our favorite ‘Okology’ precept : « As of today, we call our compatriots and all the citizens of the world to wear brighter frames, happier frames, and more respectful of joy and happiness. Frames that are bouncing with ‘joie de vivre’, joy of sharing, joy of smiling, together, each day”.

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News Silmo 2012! - CAC Series - OKO by OKO Paris

by Ana Sedes on Sep.25, 2012, under Oko Eyewear

New optical collection with a new mix of acetate/metal and a new communication campaign for her, for him… with unpublished worn pictures. Here is CAC.

OKO by OKO Paris presents its new optical collection CAC which is at the same time mixed men/women and hybrid acetate/metal and which will please adepts of designer frames with character and style.

Jean Baptiste & Laura

Jean Baptiste & Laura

As a preview of this new collection, here are the two first models CAC 8 (size 56-14) and CAC 9 (size 55 – 16), with two different sizes to fit as many faces as possible from smaller to larger. Each of the models existing in 4 colors.

Pure Design!

Pure Design!

What are its specificities ?

The CAC collection, before all, is a face composed of three acetate stratums - chosen plates personally and exclusively by OKO House - associated to side-pieces with metal wraparound hinges ending up to acetate ear stems matching the face.

The ‘must’ of this collection stands in the base line of one unique color which goes from the face up to the ear stems. From above, it is a continuous and unique coherent line.

OKO by OKO Paris continues to surprise through its creations always more innovative, through its designs always more crazy and through its color combinations always more delirious.

The proof and the result with this new optical designer collection CAC pure in design, high in elegance but still very distinctive.

Feminine or masculine, these frames seduce by their creative and innovative look.

Designer style, yes, but affordable for all !

Retail price : 165€

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