Les créateurs de lunettes


Chantal Desrochers - Iris Galeries des Tours - Montreal (Canada)

’s representative in Canada is a long-standing friend who showed me the collections as soon as they came out. Our premises are in the business district and our clientele includes many financiers, lawyers and judges who appreciate and Moko Besicles. Original and youthful models that you can wear either with a business suit or more casual wear. And as they are so creative, versatile and affordable, they have a lot going for them. Besides, it’s not just by a stroke of luck that they sell so well, and as far
as service is concerned there is nothing more to add. Even if I am located at the other side of the world, delivery is very fast and the after-sales service is also very responsive. I also often use theWebsite, as it’s so simple to show my clients all the models available.
What would I like to see in the future ? All I can say is ‘Roll on the sunglasses !

Franck Schilovitz -  - Paris (France)

I particularly appreciate the win/win relationship that has developed between us. Kidoko is orientated towards design and technique, which is rare in the children’s sector, and this is very successful and even recognised by ophthalmologists. With , consumers really enjoy the possibility of being able to stand out from the well-known brands whilst choosing a product that is easy to wear. The work on the temples and the colours also attract a number of tourists who pass through our shop. I am particularly strict in dealing with my suppliers, but I was satisfied right from the start by the partnership that has developed between us, based on professionalism, freedom and trust.
As time passed, I began to grow really fond of this brand, to the point where today I quite readily set up events on my own initiative.

Marc Benarrosh - Optique Montigny - Montigny-lès-Cormeilles (France)

and Kidoko are some of the best-selling collections in our shop. Great colours, good quality and reasonably priced, these frames readily attract spectacle wearers of all ages. Everybody is wearing them - even me! As a client, I am very satisfied: they are efficient, they listen to you and, quite frankly, I couldn’t wish for more. Both the products and the service are straightforward and I am sure they will go far. I am positive that they still have a lot more good ideas to bring forward whilst still maintaining their positioning in the market.

Yves Morel - Optique Morel - Dottignies (Belgium)

I got to know about at Silmo and through their representative in Belgium.With their unusual look, these spectacles please clients aged from 20 to 30 years just as much as those between 60 and 70 who have a young outlook on life and don’t like the classic styles which are normally offered to them. The work on the frames, the quality and of course the attractive price contribute to the fact that this brand works very well in sales outlets. As for aftersales service, I can’t really comment as up to now I haven’t needed to use it. I am very happy with our professional relationship; we are always very well informed about the latest styles and nothing is done without our consent. Let’s just hope that they don’t change and remain

Christian Holtzer - Krys C.Holtzer - Haguenau (Northern Alsace France)

Right from the first presentation, we were attracted by the designers’ creations and colours, without mentioning the excellent quality/price ratio and the wonderful graphic environment for the shop. Plus, we are not the only ones: this collection is fresh, easy to sell, pleases all kinds of clients and is readily available in progressive lenses. Another important plus is that  products don’t go out of fashion from one season to the other; they always stay totally up to date.With respect to the level of after-sales service
or the speed of delivery - no problem whatsoever. They also listen carefully to what we expect of them; I told them that their merchandising was weak and they immediately responded by providing banners.